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Rock has come to Gillian Lynne Theatre, London and it’s there to stay. Inspired by the film School of Rock, this musical has been performed in theatres worldwide in recent years. The result? A hilarious show, bursting with music, which captivates adults and children alike.

School of Rock was first performed on Broadway in 2015 and, shortly afterwards, in the West End of London. Following its first night in London in 2016, the musical has enjoyed emphatic success for several years now. Why? Besides its entertaining storyline and spectacular music, the talent of the entire child cast leaves no one indifferent after seeing their live music.

Get yourself moving and come to experience authentic live rock.

  • Running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Interval: yes
  • Audience: suitable for all audiences, recommended for children aged five and over.
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School of Rock Tickets 2022

Type of SeatPrice
Premium seats£75-£150
Awesome seats£50-£75
Great Value seats£26-£50
Bargain Seats£15-£34

  • Premium seats
    : these are the best seats, located in the stalls, with a direct, head-on view of the stage. You’ll also find premium seats in the front circle, which is the section behind the stalls. Prices go from £75 to £150, approximately.
  • Awesome seats: these seats also have a very good position, but they’re a little less central than premium seats. They’re priced from £50 to £75.
  • Great value seats: the price is much more affordable for these seats. They’re the ones at the back of the stalls and the best ones in the upper circle, priced from just £26 to £50.
  • Bargain seats: these are seats in the upper circle and possible isolated seats that have been left unsold throughout the theatre. They also include seats right over to the side, which means they don’t have the best view (though they all have a view of the stage).

If you have a limited budget, don’t worry. The Gillian Lynne Theatre is a medium-sized theatre and all its seats have a fantastic view of the stage, which means you can have fun and experience the entire musical up close.

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Dewey Finn wanted to be a rock star. But his life doesn’t seem to have fulfilled his childhood expectations. Now, a failure and totally broke, he’s scraping by in a flat belonging to a charitable friend, and his friend’s girlfriend, who hates him. After threats of being thrown out, Dewey finds himself forced to get a job and accepts a substitute post at a prestigious private school.

What Dewey doesn’t know is that this decision is about to turn his life around. Even though, at first, he doesn’t like the idea of teaching academic music at a school, Dewey ends up finding his way. He’ll teach children everything they never knew about the history of rock and form his own band with them.

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Useful Information

  • Recommended age: School of Rock is perfectly suitable for a family audience, but remember that there is sometimes strong language that may make the very youngest children uncomfortable. The theatre recommends this musical for children aged five and over. Babes in arms are not allowed into the theatre and all children must be of sufficient age to occupy their own seat.
  • Special effects: the show has strobe lights and theatrical smoke during the performance. Please take this into account if a member of your party may be sensitive to these effects.
  • Running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Which London theatre is School of Rock performed? 

At the Gillian Lynne Theatre.

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Gillian Lynne Theatre

  • Theatre address: 166 DRURY LANE, LONDON WC2B 5PW.
  • Accessibility: there are no steps into the vestibule. When you get to the theatre, contact a member of staff, who will take you to the special access lift found on Parker Mews (dimensions: door 70 cm, depth 83 cm). From there, you’ll have no problem accessing the upstairs vestibule, bar and adapted toilets. There is space for a wheelchair in the stalls.
  • Adapted toilets are available.

There is an option to engage a sign-language interpreter.

  • Guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed inside the auditorium.

The theatre opens 45 minutes before the performance.

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Cheap Tickets & Offers

The School of Rock musical offers prices that may be a little more affordable than those of other West End productions. If you plan your visit in advance or look for special offers, you can find seats for just £15. 

The entire theatre has an excellent view of the stage, regardless of the position or price of the seats. At nearly all performances, you can find tickets for £15.

  • Last-minute offers: keep an eye on performances in the coming days. Isolated and unsold seats are often left over and may cost less than £20.
  • Student discount: every Wednesday, a limited number of tickets are available to students for just £10. Students have to go to the Gillian Lynne Theatre box office at 6:30pm to get them.
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School of Rock London 2019

In 2019, there will be performances every day of the week, except on Tuesday. They’re always at 7:30pm, and on Thursday and Saturday there is also a matinee at 2:30pm.

The show has a large cast of adults and children with incredible musical, theatrical and choreographic talent. All the children sing and play their instruments live.

The musical includes songs from the film, but also new ones composed exclusively for the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Glenn Slater.

What songs will you hear in the show? 

Songs such as “I’m Too Hot for You”, “When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock”, “Horace Green Alma Mater”, “Here at Horace Green”, “Variation 7”, “Children of Rock”, “Mount Rock”, “Queen of the Night”, “You’re in the Band”, “If Only You Would Listen”, “In the End of Time”, “Faculty Quadrille”, “Stick It to the Man”, “Time to Play”, “Amazing Grace”, “Math Is a Wonderful Thing”, “Where Did the Rock Go?”, “School of Rock”, “Dewey’s Confession”, “If Only You Would Listen” and “I’m Too Hot for You”.

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How long is School of Rock the Musical?

School of Rock the Musical is 2 hours 30 minutes long. 

Who is in School of Rock the Musical cast?

Noel Sullivan as Dewey, Mark Anderson as Ned Schneebly, Rebecca LaChance as Patty Di Marco, Laura Tebbutt as Rosalie Mullins, Jake Sharp as Dewey Finn. The cast is completed by Keisha Amponsa Banson, Ryan Bearpark, Rob Falconer, Kelly Hampson, Suzie McAdam, Richard Morse, Jayde Nelson, Andy Rees, Alex Tomkins, James Wolstenholme and Benjamin Yates with swings Jessica Kirton, Paul Kemble, Billy Mitchell, Catherine Morris, and Andy Prosser. Three teams of 12 kids who play live at every show make up Dewey's band.

Is School of Rock the Musical going on tour?

School of Rock the Musical is going on a UK tour from February 2021. The tour dates are yet to be announced. 

What is School of Rock the Musical about?

Based on the award-winning film, School of Rock the Musical follows Dewey Finn, who dreams of becoming a rockstar but has not yet made it. Taking his housemates job as a substitute teacher in a private school, Dewey Finn decides to make his own rock band with the kids and compete in a rock band competition. 

Where is School of Rock the Musical playing in London?

School of Rock the Musical is playing at the Gillian Lynne Theatre in London. 

Which songs are in School of Rock the Musical?

The main songs in School of Rock the Musical are “You're in the Band", "If Only You Would Listen" and "Stick It to the Man", "When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock”, "Horace Green Alma Mater", , "Queen of the Night", “"In the End of Time “, "School of Rock (Teacher's Pet), "Time to Play"

Who wrote School of Rock the Musical?

School of Rock the Musical as written by Julian Fellowes, who wrote the book.

Who wrote the musical score for School of Rock the Musical?

Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the music and Glenn Slater wrote the lyrics

When did School of Rock the Musical first premiere?

School of Rock the Musical first premiered on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre, New York City, on the 9th November 2015. 

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